Pink Hair!

–>> *Disclosure in sidebar. Opinions, and products are all ones I used and reviewed here. I paid full price for these products based on my own choice and research. * –>>  –>>


The process of dyeing my hair pink was definitely an interesting one. I had quite a few trials before the end result. The first time I attempted dyeing my hair, I used a kit by Splat in purple desire. This kit included the bleach and color, but no mixing bowl or brush. My natural hair color is a very dark brown almost black, and the first attempt at bleaching my hair didn’t come close to a bright enough blonde for the color suggestions.

Splat does have a wide range of colors to choose from, and they even have kits to do an ombre look if you’d like. Their colors work nicely if you can get your hair to the right blonde first, but I decided to go with Ion color brilliance brights the second time around because you can get more than one use out of theirs. Whereas Splat is a must use now type of product, there is no saving the extras.

So ordered a different bleach kit, some new colors, and waited a week to redo it. This time I used the Beyond the Zone bleach kit that came with a breakaway bowl, highlighting wand, and brush. This one did the trick! It definitely went to the color I needed.


After all this damage from bleaching I made sure to use a deep conditioning treatment, and my hair still feels as healthy as it was before. The good thing about the colors, it’s basically like a conditioner with dye in it. This time I used Ion Color Brilliance Brights hair dye’s. I used multiple colors for an effect that makes the colors change every time i part my hair.

I dyed the sop section of my hair with the color fuchsia, then went in with 2 different shades of purple. I pumped a little bit of conditioner into the dye and mixed it well because the consistency was almost like toothpaste. Yes, it really was that thick. I then left the color sit in my hair for the next hour and a half. I know that may seem like a really long time, but like I said, its like conditioner and I added some more to it as well.

The result was amazing! You can see all the colors beautifully and my hair looks different in ever picture I take. Some look pink, some look purple. (I couldn’t upload all pics, but i do have most of them on my Instagram if you’re curious.) I’m definitely hooked to the semi-permanent colors, and how often you can change your look! I won’t be going back to my natural color any time soon. 🙂

Here I’m just showing what it means by temporary. This is after 7 weeks… I have not redone it since then and won’t until more of the color comes out. Its lasted through that many shampoos already! They’re estimated for 6 to 8 shampoos, (that’s what takes the color out) and I’ve already washed it more than that.

I didn’t shampoo my hair everyday, maybe every 3, but I did still use my conditioner regularly because I’ve always had dry hair anyway. And having trichotillomania makes the frizz come out bad when the hair starts growing back. So this has actually tamed it somewhat and helped me remember that change is good for a person sometimes.