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Do you remember what age you were first asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Did you fantasize about being an astronaut, a superhero, a nurse?  Did you have a favorite sport to play, instrument to practice, story to read, or dream to lose yourself in as a child? For me, that dream was musical theatre. Let me rephrase that. I grew up assuming my life was a musical. Call it… Continue reading Do you remember what age you were first asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Trichotillomania - Fighting the Pull

10 Thoughts That Need to Stop! – Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a Trichy Disorder. The thoughts that go on in our own heads could actually be the most painful, and what’s causing us the most harm. Sure, the comments made by other people never really help much either, (You can read the Top 25 Things Someone with Trichotillomania is Sick Of Hearing in this… Continue reading 10 Thoughts That Need to Stop! – Trichotillomania


Living With a Back Injury

Every day I wake up, I am normally fine. But other days, my back injury flares up. Yes it hurts, and yes I try to just deal with the pain.

There are days where it just hurts like a small pain that most people get on a daily basis. Other days, it feels like I could just fall to the ground and cry.

I have had my back injury for almost 5 years. And sad to say, I feel like I received it in the dumbest way possible.

I was working at Mohegan Sun Casino at the age of 19. The position I was in at that time was an EVS Attendant, or Environmental Services. A better word for it is a janitor in my opinion and they just made it seem fancier than it was.

I did the normal cleaning of the sections by the slot machines, cleaned bathrooms, and even cleaned up some of the restaurants and bars that the casino owned themselves.

The day I had received my back injury was pretty much like any other day to me, I just had an extra job for the night.

Racing season had just started and they had just opened up Pacer’s Clubhouse, which over looked the horse race track. This was my first time actually having to clean Pacer’s to the extent they wanted.

I started my night by helping others in their sections while I waited to start Pearl, a sushi bar which actually also has great teriyaki and hibachi food. When I clean Pearl, I had to move the heavy marble tables and the chairs so that I could vacuum the carpets. Then I would proceed to move the chairs from the bar and sweep and then mop the floor, which was just a small section.

After Pearl was cleaned up, I would proceed to help others in their sections again before Breakers, Mohegan Suns’ featured bar, closed. When Breakers closed, it was just a matter of moving their tables and chairs to sweep and mop the floors.

Then I skipped the last part of my nightly routine to go and clean up Pacer’s Clubhouse and the rest of Simulcast.

Normally, cleaning Pacer’s during the off-season only included taking out all the trash and doing a quick broom sweep on the carpets and then finishing the rest of Simulcast. But with Pacer’s actually being an active restaurant, I had to also vacuum all of the floor. Now, this wasn’t a normal straight floor either. Each row was pretty much like sitting on a large step, which continued to descend to the bottom of the window. I can’t really say how many rows there were, only because it has been about 5 years since I have really stepped foot in that part of the casino, but it sure was not something to take lightly for a section.

By the time I was even halfway done with Pacer’s, I only had about an hour and a half left to my shift. So like the responsible person that I am, I had called it into my boss how much I had done and that I was going to continue with the rest of Simulcast before the shift ended for the night.

So I did what I normally would do. I just cleaned everything up and took out the garbage. Only thing is, I felt a tightening in my back as I was taking the garbage from inside to the dumpster. This is where things changed for me, and not for the best.

I continued through the rest of my shift ignoring my back. But once it was time to head back and put my stuff away, thats when the feeling returned, but way worse. I proceeded to clock out and walked to the employee entrance to wait for my ride, even with all the pain I was feeling. What I didn’t expect was that the attendant there at the desk, whom I had become friends with over the months I had been employeed, was watching me as I proceed to lean against her desk, tears rolling down my face. After that it was filling in an incedent report and being told to take the night off from work and come back the next day, but if I wanted to see either their doctor or chiropractor it was ok.

But here was the catch. I could only see one. So either I had to go to the doctor for the pain but not get my back fixed, or I get my back fixed but have to deal with the day to day pain.

So I sucked it up and when to the chiropractor that I was given the name and number for, and proceeded to get his opinion on my back the same day I was returning to work. Well, push came to shove and he told me he wanted me to get workers’ comp for my back. Now, I am not a very trusting person. I wouldn’t trust the casino not to mess up on purpose during that time. So I told their chiropractor that I would prefer to be on light duty, this way I could ensure I was making the money I currently had without having to worry about anything…… or so I thought.

That same night I went back to work to be told, even with a light duty notice to my boss from the chiropractor, I was on the food court that night. The only help I was to recieve from others was someone else taking the trash for me and someone was going to put the chairs on the tables so that I could vacuum.

Everything started out fine, even with me moving around as little as possible not to jousle my back, by 5:00 I was vacuuming the floors. And low and behold, not even 10 minutes vacuuming, I was on the ground in pain crying my eyes out. Well, that made the second incedent at work in 3 days, so more paperwork for me!

To cut the tale short, I had to see the chiropractor once a week, the physical therapist 2 times a week, and their massage therapist 2 times a week in order for the chiropractor to even be able to work on my back at all.

3 months and a few call offs later, I was out of a job. Even though I had called off because of my back injury itself, the points still counted against me no matter what. After 3 months, they said I was back on normal duty, and what happened but after only 2 days of normal duty, I was in so much pain and I was so exhausted that I had slept through half of my shift. No matter what I would have done, my job was officially out the window.

As sad as it is to say, I always tell my friends to never work for the casino here. They treat their employees like trash. And that was from experience.

Now, 5 years down the road, I am back at my first job, which I had left for the casino. Even though its a minimum wage job, my back still acts up at times, and even flares up to the point I want to fall to the floor in pain because I just moved the wrong way while working!

So yes, I deal with this pain daily, even to the point where I couldn’t sleep on my bed without crying. Just a week ago my back flared up at work, but I pushed through and dealt with it since there is really nothing I can do about it anymore. This is just something I have to deal with because it is too much money for the chiropractor and I do not have insurance.

But things always look up! Maybe one day I won’t have to deal with this pain anymore. But until that day, I will continue to push through and hold my chin high.

‘Til Next Time!



April Birchbox-Subscription box

April 2016 Birchbox

As always, I was over excited when my April Birchbox arrived. What I wasn’t expecting was to completely ❤ love ❤ this month’s box! This monthly subscription box never disappoints me, but this one was on point. They even sent me a bonus this month giving me 6 items instead of 5! This month I waited to post this until after I had tried all the products so I’m able to give you guys my reviews on them as well! So let’s get started!

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Birchbox is a monthly subscription box service that sends out 5 monthly beauty samples for only $10 per month, and each box contains products valued more than that! If you haven’t already checked them out or subscribed, you can GO HERE to see what they’re all about.

Q-What do you like so much about Birchbox?
A-For starters, we love the price. Also that you get to customize the products you will be receiving that month by using sample choice. These products are all tailored to your profile and what you like, so how you fill out your info, is how they decide what products to put in your monthly box. We also love that they have a very rewarding point system setup that allows you to earn points by referring friends, and reviewing the products you get in your box. You receive at least 50 points each month just for doing the reviews, and that equals $5 in the birchbox shop. These are easily saved up for rewards, or products of your choice in the Shop!
Q-Does Birchbox do promotions, or have money off your first box?
A-Yes! They often do promotions for new subscribers, as well as sending out special products and bonuses to their current members! You can check out the latest promotions HERE.

❤ The First product I got (from left to right) is the Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution. It’s a toner and makeup remover that’s gentle for sensitive skin, but still strong enough to take off all makeup.  The full size costs $21, and can be found HERE. I have already replaced my everyday makeup remover with this product, it doesn’t dry my face out, and even removes some of the hardest waterproof and liquid liners. I’m not sure about mascara, as my eyelashes are still growing back from my last trich mishap.
Sample value estimate- $2.10

❤ Briogeo-Don’t despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. This is a hair mask that is ultra-hydrating and conditioning hair mask that also strengthens your hair at the same time. This smells amazing, and definitely does what it’s made to do. My hair felt like silk after I used this just one time, and the sample size i received has about 2 uses in it for the length of my hair. If your hair is shorter you would get more out of it, but mine is very long still even after my recent cut so it doesn’t last as long for me. The Full Sized product price is $26 (can be found here) so that puts this sample value at $3.25.
❤ Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser– This facial cleanser is made to balance the skins natural ph levels, cleanse the face and even clear up breakouts. While I don’t ever get breakouts, I do love that it cleanse your face well with a nice scent and feel as your using it. I have noticed that my face looks more refreshed after application, and feels softer for a longer amount of time after using it. I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin or breakouts, or anyone who loves great smelling cleansers. This product costs $32 for Full sized-HERE– Putting a value of $4 on my sample!

❤ Bonus Product! Malin + Goetz Facial Moisturizer-This one was my Bonus product this month, and the first bonus I received this year in my Birchbox. While was happy getting a moisturizer in my box this month, I do wish this sample was bigger, instead of in a foil packet. I love moisturizers and use them multiple times a day for my extremely dry skin. So this product for me was a one-day use. It did a good job hydrating my skin, wasn’t oily, and seemed to stay moisturized for a few hours, but a bigger size would have helped me review this a bit more to decide if I would want to buy it again. This is the lowest valued sample of this box, coming in at a $1.15 sample value. The full sized can be found HERE and costs $46 for a 4oz product.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Strumpet– This sample is actually over half the size of a full sized product, and after using it a few times I’ve realized that this one will last a long time. You only need the smallest little drop of this product because it goes a LONG WAY. I’m no over-exaggerating either. That one little drop will stain your finger (if that’s what you use to apply with-I tried it that way first-and will still cover your entire lips with a cute red color.) I can see this product lasting a long time because of this and I’m fine with that! The full size is $16 HERE– and gives this sample value $8!
Wei Beauty free ship $65
Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask– This sample was one I was most excited about! I have been wanting to try these masks for awhile now, but haven’t felt up to forking over the cash for something I wasn’t sure I’d like. This was the first Mud mask I have ever tried, and I’m hooked. I loved the feeling of this, and how far the product actually goes. The small container the mask comes in is actually a full sized capsule. When you buy the full sized product priced at $42, you get 8 of them instead of just 1, and one of these will give you two uses! (that’s how many I got from it, I do think you are supposed to apply the whole thing, but i wanted to get more than one use from it…it also doesn’t take much to go a long way and feel the same result.) You also get a nice little application brush with the full sized purchase as well.
This product left my face super soft, and glowing. It felt nice on the skin, even though I looked like I had just fallen into a huge puddle face first 🙂 If you haven’t tried a mud mask before, this one will make you a believer and may even hook you like it did me after just one use. You can find this product HERE. This sample size came in with a value of $5.25

Total box value-$23.75
Thanks to my bonus product this month I also got 60 points($6) to spend in the Birchbox Shop after I reviewed them, so it’s almost like getting the box for $4 this month!

Do you have a Birchbox subscription? We’d love to hear from you! If you review yours as well, or do unboxing’s, comment bellow so we can check out what you got! Have Questions for us, or suggestions on new Subscription Boxes? Ask away and let us know, or connect with us on Social Media. We’re always happy to connect with new people and bloggers. Have a great weekend everyone!





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