As they slowly slipped away…..


A few years ago, I wrote a post about watching my gram slowly slipping away. With a heavy heart, she did slip away from us. And just last year I had to experience the same thing a second time with my own father, my grams second youngest son.

He was hospitalized right after his birthday in 2018 for not being able to drink or eat anything, as his throat wouldn’t allow it. He was diagnosed with cancer. Going to and from appointments with him was hard, as I felt I would lose him just like I lost her, from the cancer. And boy did I wish I was wrong. He himself passed away last year on March 18th.

I know most people say it is harder to lose a child than a parent. I have yet to have a child of my own and would not wish that to happen as losing my one and only parent that actually cared about me passed away just like my gram did. They both passed in their sleep after making a full 180 turn from bad to good. It was hard getting that phone call at work, as I broke down crying my eyes out in front of my own boss, who had received the call from the only woman I could consider the closest thing to a mother.

This pain, sadly does not go away, as just the littlest of things make me think of them both and I begin to cry.

In honor of their memory, and for all others lost in our lives, I make this post. I know its not a review, but I had to get my thoughts out there as the anniversary of both their deaths are fast approaching and I know I will not be okay on those days. Please keep them in your thoughts and that they are having a good time where ever they may be now. And thank you all for reading, my dear blog readers.


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