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I’m back! 

So, as some of you have noticed that I’ve been a bit distant from the blog lately, I figured I should write a quick post so you know you’re not forgotten! I’ve been dealing with some struggles in my life lately that have required my full attention, but I finally feel able to come back and share some amazing information with everyone.

I’m still constantly battling my trichotillomania, but almost all of my hair has grown back already in such a short period of time thanks to some tricks I’ve been testing out for a few years now. My next post on this subject will not only explain the tricks I’ve been using to keep myself from pulling, but also how I’ve cut my growth time down by more than 50% of what it normally takes. 

My eyelashes for instance, are almost completely grown in after only 3 weeks, when I normally wouldn’t even see the slightest bit of regrowth in that time. So to have them as long as they are in that time frame is amazing. And I can’t wait to post it! There’s also a giveaway that will be attached to that post! 

Just something to make you look forward to what’s coming next week!

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