Some people might find it weird, but I decided to throw purple in my hair the other week. When it came out, I loved it! Who would have thought that with only one application of the product I used my hair would come out a nice and bright purple!

The product that I had used was Argan Oil Semi-Permanent hair color. This is an ammonia free product that is ready to use right out of the tube! No developer needed! The only catch is that it lasts between 6 and 8 washes. But after 30 minutes of it being in my hair and only using 1/4 of the tube?! It’s worth it!

I have to say though, the biggest shock I got after I did this color is my 78-year-old grandmother LOVED my hair!

For me, this product is so cool that I bought a second tube of the Pure Purple Argan Oil and I also bought the Lavender one as well! It’s also perfect that it comes out in 6 to 8 washes because of my job. But hey, this is me expressing myself.

If you ever get the chance, try their colors! Very healthy for your hair and they also do permanent colors as well! I never would have tried this color if I myself was never told about it.

I guess the only advice I can really give to you, my dear readers, is try it at one point. Who knows, you might love it as much as I do!

If you want to see a photo of the product as it came out in my hair, be ready to check it out on our Instagram, Facebook Page, and even our Youtube when we get it up for a proper review!

Until next time!




So, as much as I loved this product when I had done my hair, I have to say there was a few pros and cons as the weeks went by.


  1. It was still purple after 2 months.
  2. The color did slowly wash out as the days flew by but it kept a bright purple the whole time.
  3. It did not damage my hair.


  1. It could have stayed in my hair for months from the amount of time I did not do anything to it besides styling. With my job, I was lucky enough to get away with it as I did.
  2. When I tried to get it out, my hair dresser pretty much went to bleach it and it turned green. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy about the color change and all, but green…really? From purple? Still a great shade though. Would have been awesome to have in my hair still!

Yes, there was one more Pro than Con, but I only wanted to do an update on this product after I was finally done using it.

Let me know if you used this product if anything weird had happened to you in the comments. Maybe I am not the only one!


Til Next Time!


11 thoughts on “Purple?!

    1. The lavender was hard for my hair sadly. It was a silverish purple. Still looked pretty cool though. But the best part about this product is that its more of an oil based dye. Its much more healthy for your hair than other dyes.


    1. I really wish I could have! Maybe if I decide to quit my job finally I will do it again! But possibly more purple this time lol


  1. Woohoo! YAYA for purple hair! I have always dyed my hair, it’s totally a fun way to express yourself! Usually red and blue sticks the best to my hair, but purple doesn’t seem to for some reason! I’m going to give this brand a try! Thanks for the suggestion and great blog post! I’ll be following you to see more!

    Check out my blog @

    ❤ Cat

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. Makes me very happy! And will look at your blog as soon as I can!
      And as much as I love red in my hair, I can’t do it anymore. Every time I do, it stains my hair and even bleaching it out doesnt work until it is done a few times sadly. Then my hair is pretty bad for a month or two afterwards.
      But if you do try the purple, let me know how it works! If your hair is dark, just bleach it where you want the purple. Good luck!!!

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      1. Ah! Yes! My hair is actually currently half purple! I bleach the under layer all the time then toss color in it 🙂 it’s a fun past time!


      2. If only my work was ok with unnatural hair color I would be dye it multiple colors. Either rainbow or black, silverish grey, and blue at this point.

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