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Why I Switched From DVD to Digital

I have to say that this is one of the best ideas for movies. The prices are cheaper, if you have the digital code already you can use it on your account, you can connect multiple accounts to share movies with others, and there are so many selections!

My library grew within the 3 months I have had Vudu. Kylie and I both connected our accounts so we don’t have to buy the same movies and can enjoy a wider selection. Sure she has kids movies too but I am still a kid inside!

I recently had preordered the new Star Wars and was able to start watching it on April 1st!!!

And let’s not forget about the bundles!! My lord! The bundle offers are such a deal! When I purchased the Hunger Games bundle, there was a promotion on select purchases for getting a $8 off a ticket for Allegiant!! And let me tell you I hopped on that offer instantly! Granted I had to drive 20 miles or so to a different movie theatre to see it, but I only payed $1 for my ticket!

Not only do they do offers similar to this,  they also have deals like $3.99 movies, $2 for 2 day rentals and more. The variety of deals alone make this worth the switch, but the added reduction in ruined movies, or the hassle of searching for the one you want along with it being free to use makes me love it even more.

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I won’t lie,  I did get some of my movie codes from family and friends. But let’s face it, it’s a free code and they don’t have a need for it without a Vudu account! You can use any UV code to claim your digital copy on vudu.

There are also other sites that sell codes for cheaper than Vudu, but once you get the code in your email, put the code in and you have your movie!

I shared my account information to my younger cousin/sister, my older sister, and even Kylie! I currently have Vudu on my cell phone, PS3, AND my PS4! There isn’t a limit to the amount of devices either!

If you have a chance,  I suggest checking out Vudu! In my books, this service is a must, never again will I have scratched, broken, or lost DVDs!

Until next time!

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