It’s Over!

Our very first giveaway has now officially finished! Thank you to everyone who participated and Congrats Again to our 2 Lucky Winners! We hope you enjoy your prize!

We will be having another Giveaway After we reach 500 Followers on all social platforms, We’re already really close to this, and we can’t wait to reach this milestone. Everyone has already been so supportive and we’ve received some great feedback and Amazing followers since we started this blog A month ago. If you’re not already connected with us, you can join us on these as well!
Twitter– @kitandkylie
Facebook– KylieAndKitReviewIt
Instagram– KylieAndKit

a Rafflecopter giveaway You can View the Winners here, We’ve also updated our accounts to congratulate them as well.

we will have another post up later today, but wanted to make sure we announced the winners to the giveaway on time, Thank you all again for entering, and good luck with our next Giveaway!

Kylie & Kit

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