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The best place to start working at home

*some of this post contains affiliate links. all opinions are 100% my own. Full disclosure in sidebar*

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What do I need to get started today?
-A Laptop or Desktop computer (If you need one, try this bundle, It comes with a full year of access to office 365! and office can get expensive after the free 30 day trial)
-Set of headphones if you want to do transcription work (it could be a $10 pair to start)
-Office, or a Word program you can type and save files with.

Freelancer  -has easily become my favorite site to find jobs from home. They have so many different types of jobs on their dashboard that it’s unbelievable at times. They have everything from transcription, to data entry, virtual assisting, web search and more. The best part? You don’t have to pay anything, unless you want to utilize the different features they offer, but for the most part you don’t need to pay for anything. You definitely don’t need to pay in order to receive project offers.

The way it works
Find a project in the category you’re interested in working in. Then place your bid on that project, along with your proposal to the employer. For instance, if you’re bidding on a transcription project that has rates listed between $50 and $200 for 2 hours of audio that must be completed within 5 hours. You could place your bid and proposal at $100 and propose completing it within 4 hours. (If you complete it in those 5 hours, you just made $25 an hour for that project!)

You’re not going to get every project you bid for when you first start out, but after some time with good reviews on your work, you will start to gain access to better paying jobs. More employers will be willing to work with you after completing a few, so even if they don’t pay much, go for short jobs that you are confident you could complete correctly to bring your scores up. After that you can be very picky as to which projects you take.

Occasionally you will receive messages from employers directly that want you to work on their projects. This happens more as you build your profile and work on some projects in those areas. This is one of the best ways to find work on the site, you don’t have to bid on the project, and you don’t have to wait to hear from the employer. Just accept the job if you choose to and your good to go!

Have any questions on how to get started? Any tips I missed or a better opportunity? Is there a work at home opportunity you’ve been dying to try, but can’t find any reviews and you’re afraid to test it yourself? Let me know! I will do my best to respond to everyone, and try every suggestion I receive. Use your preferred method of contact listed, it doesn’t have to be an email, leave a comment, send a message or whatever floats your boat!


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